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Добавьте Русский язык!


Вот скажите, нахер эта программа нужна русскоязычному народу? Люди не только на английском разговаривают. Будет русский язык и оценка поменяется.


За приложение

Awesome app

I lost my resume and needed another. This app helped me build one from scratch within a day and it looked professional too! It was a definite improvement over the one I made from Microsoft word.


I love that you can do Month & Year now, but can you please make it so that the Month comes before the year, & not the year first, then the month.

Answer to my prayers!

As a retired professional in publication design, I left behind a high-end Mac workstation with advanced design software. In seeking part-time employment, I needed a resume for an immediate opportunity and was happy to find such a quality app for the iPad that was so user-friendly and intuitive. Better yet, it was on sale! Thanks so much for being there for me during a sleepless night of wanting to accomplish this task without a great deal of fuss or expense. I am 110% pleased with my completed resume!

Exactly what you need

This app provides you with everything you need to get your resume going. I was literally laying here in bed, at 4 in the morning, when I realized I forgot to update my resume. I got the app, ran through all the categories, wrote my cover letter, and, at 4:15, I am writing this review. Superb!

So Helpful

Long and very longtime since creating a resume. Being to able to do it from a tablet with incredible speed. Thank you

Great App

Very easy to use, the template chooser is limited but it's a free app, can't ask for too much more than that. Easy to share across multiple platforms as well.

Great App

Makes the super lame task of making out a resume super easy and quick!

Great APP

Easy to use! Easy to navigate! Well worth it!

First resume in 10 years

Having been a stay @ home mom for over 10 years, it was helpful having a template available. Also easy to share with potential employers,


I like the App but having issues finding a support page. How do I save my resume as a Word Doc. Is PDF the only option?

Waste of money.

App kept shutting off on me and not saving what I wrote. It was constantly freezing and glitching out. Wasted my money on this for sure.

Love ‘Me’! This resume builder is the bomb!

I put together a completely new, simple resume that highlights my skills and includes a picture. I wanted employers to get a good idea of who I was before the interview. I have had more job interviews since utilizing ‘Me’ than ever before.

Great app

This app has so far worked great I tried another app and couldn't get anything to send. I recommend this app


Very nice and refreshing, very easy to pick up on,very helpful

Work Experience Limits?

So, I’ve had a lot of jobs, and I’m trying to add a new one, but the “Add New Item” button does nothing after I’ve entered 8 various positions. WHYYYYYY Otherwise I truly love the app, and really wish I could give it 5 stars.


Why the heck would they not allow you to remove the DAY in the dates!!? That means for every prior job for all education dates i have to add a day not just a month. No one knows exactly what days they started or stoped. And no one cares. The month and year should suffice. Was a great app untile i got to the date section. Should be able to completely remove the dates section if wanted as well. As i only wanted to put the years for school. Not months. But I can deal with that one. The “days” needs to be removed for sure.


This was by far the simplest and easiest way to get my resume done. Very happy with the app. Highly recommend it!!

Very Quick and Easy

👍🏻 Love it

Resume Maker


Love it

Could have a couple more editing features, but it’s really great and helpful to get the right structured for your resume.

Great app

Really great app and very helpful for people having to do a resume

Love this app!!

Perfect and so easy just loved!!


Crashes every time I try do delete from work experience


Accurate and to the point

Retail manager

Very easy to navigate and allows to fill in from templates or create your own!

The Get–It–Done App!

Simple, elegant design. Intuitive. Powerful! I really love this app, and it’s beautiful interface. The option of saving multiple resumes — and the set up of the app — almost make you want to make résumés just for the fun of it! Changing the format options/layout of a résumé with just a single tap is effortless, and, dare I say… Magical! I have seen other reviews requesting some relevant implementations (which would be very welcomed), but my reason for not giving the app five stars is that I wish it had iCloud sync so you can access your résumés across devices instead of having to remember on which device you created a certain one.

Very easy to use, this app. Improved my resume

I have a resume that I used for several years. It was getting g a little stale so I decided to look for a resume app. And I found this app. Great app. I am an older but techie employee this is very easy to use and probably look better in the resume than I deserve. I would recommend this app for ANYONE looking make a new or tune up their old resume. If this app had a 7 or more star rating it would get it.


How come there’s no option to remove days for education? I just want it with a month/year not month/day/year


Easy to edit and compose and nice looking resume. Thanks!

Great App

The only problem I found associated with this app is with my personal lack of knowledge of it. At the point where I related to my past ability the problem was resolved.

Very helpful

This has made completing and updating my resumes on the fly quite easy. Easy to use and is laid out that anyone can have a well laid out resume.


Very easy to use


Great it will be nice to have less space between topics so like that you will be able to fit everything on one page but other then that great ver easy to use


Just giving 3 stars for now. Just purchased on my iPad. Set everything up. Downloaded app on my iPhone. How do I get them to sync together so I’m not doing twice the work. Thanks in advance.

Great so far

Pretty decent performance worth the 3 bucks no glitches and very self explanatory

Great app!

Really helps how they break down each category. It makes the process really simple. Worth the $3 !!

Enjoyed working in app

The app was easy to work in. The automatic save was great as well.

Lou crez

Good app


Works good, few glitches

My deeply thoughtful review

As I told you before: given a choice I think “smiley-face” about this app


Quick and easy to use. “Calvin got a job”

No iCloud sync. No way to contact support.

I bought this app on a recommendation from a friend. I’m disappointed. I use apps on my phone and my IPad. There is absolutely NO SYNC between them. Which means to sub in use on another device, maybe a quick update or change, is NOT POSSIBLE without redoing ALL the data entry all over again. UNACCEPTABLE shortcoming in a paid app these days. And when I attempted to reach the developer to suggest this, I was taken to my own Facebook homepage. SERIOUSLY!? DEVELOPER PLEASE CONTACT ME PERSONALLY!!!! Until then, 1 Star.

Love the app

Good and useful to use and cheap.

Easy as 12345678

Very easy to use.

Needed resume on the fly

Computer froze at the worst possible time. I needed to send a resume quick. Used my iPhone and saved in pdf format. Within an hour I was saved.


Awesome App

Very nice app

Found it pretty easy to use and functional

Great app!

Did what it needed to do.

Extremely helpful

Excellent app for building a resume

PDF was unreadable when trying to upload

I never could get it upload. Tried google drive tried OneDrive tried copying and pasting and nothing worked. Had to go to another resume site and redo the entire resume! What good does it do to share something that’s unreadable? Also, will only print from app, not google drive or onedrive.

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